Grumpy Cat is my BFF

Every so often there is an internet cat meme that I just really, ridiculously love. Grumpy Cat just makes me ridiculously happy.  I think she might be my totem animal.

You can imagine then that I was forced to stop in the freezing cold the other day and take these photos.

There is a little cafe on Mass Ave that is at the bus stop I use on my way home on the 1 bus. It was recently either bought, renovated, or put under new management.  The menu has changed, the decor has drastically changed, and now they have a hand drawn chalk sign out front.

This was what greeted me when I got off the bus the other day.

Grumpy Cat, or, Geoff before coffee.
A pretty good approximation of Grumpy Cat all told. I knew who it was immediately.


Yep, that’s Grumpy Cat. And approximately what my coworkers look like at 8:45am before coffee.

Never having seen a photo of Grumpy Cat smiling I’m not sure what she’d look like. I prefer to think of this as an artist’s rendering.


I think this is what Grumpy Cat would look like if she smiled. I prefer the former picture myself.  For the uninitiated, here’s what she looks like in real life.  Er… on the internet.

This is probably the iconic Grumpy Cat photo.
This is probably the iconic Grumpy Cat photo.

Needless to say it brightened my arctic day immeasurably.

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