Happy Valentine’s Day

Most of you know that I’m not a big Valentine’s Day fan.  Despite the fact that I’m married I’m still not a big fan.  I think today is mostly about Hallmark and chocolate companies making money and about making people feel guilty about having to buy some over-hyped and over-expensive gift for someone else.  It’s also death for a relationship that’s beginning or in trouble.

That being said, there’s nothing like cute animals and Grumpy Cat to make me smile.  So, I bring you our Valentine.  This year I didn’t even put it together in the spirit of the Valentine’s Day Massacre!  Progress?

Happy? Valentine's Day, Grumpy Cat.
Happy? Valentine’s Day, Grumpy Cat.










This lion gif was what gave me an idea for a post full of animals.  Enjoy.

gay lions

gay ducklings

Ok, so they're not all "cuddly."
Ok, so they’re not all “cuddly.”

gay elephants

gay giraffes

gay mallards

gay rams

I thought this was adorable.  Whoever put this together did a good job.
I thought this was adorable. Whoever put this together did a good job.

gay safari animals

gay penguins

gay swans





















































Still grumpy over Black Thursday Valentine’s Day?  Here, have a cookie.

grumpy cat cookie

Happy Valentine’s Day, to everyone.


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