Because commuting in Boston isn’t fun enough…

Tonight it took two hours, a bus, and a taxi to get me from my front door to Mission church where I was singing a Holy Thursday Service (that’s Maundy Thursday to you non-Catholics out there).  Normally it’s a 45 minute trip at most.  Now things are about to get worse.


Bridge along Memorial Drive in Cambridge to close for 6 months

By Matt Rocheleau, Town Correspondent

A bridge along Memorial Drive in Cambridge will close for about six months so structural repairs can be made, state officials announced Friday.

The William J. Reid Overpass, which carries Memorial Drive over the rotary at the BU Bridge in Cambridge, will close to vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians in both directions starting Sunday, April 7, the state’s transportation department said in a statement.

Traffic will be diverted to surface roadways and through the BU Bridge/Brookline Street rotary and then back onto Memorial Drive, the statements said.

Preliminary work on the repair project is expected to begin Sunday, March 31, and will include installing signage to warn about the upcoming closure, officials said.

In 2006, a slab fell from the overpass and crashed onto the road below. No one was hurt and nothing else was damaged, but the falling slab sparked worry about the bridge’s condition.

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In other words, Memorial Drive is something to be avoided at all costs anywhere near rush hour because it’s just going to be a nightmare.  Ditto the 66 bus.  Also, why did this take 7 years to address?  It was 7 years ago that we had that little slab falling to the ground and terrifying people incident.  Now we’re repairing the bridge?
Drive safely, people.

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