Bulletins from the animal kingdom

Easter is almost upon us and that means a couple of things: spring is coming (no, really, it is, promise!), Geoff and I will be *really* busy this weekend, people will be doing stupid and ill advised things like getting their kids bunnies, chicks, and ducklings for their baskets on Sunday morning, and the annual seal skin kill is going on in Canada.

For your edification I bring you What Not to Do to/with/for You Pets: Easter Edition and also, Why You Should Blame Canada.

First, from the MSPCA/Angell:

Considering bunnies and chicks for Easter?

The cats in our house love baskets, they’d just never wear the ears.

With Easter and springtime arriving, many families consider buying or adopting a rabbit, chick, or duckling for their children. The MSPCA encourages families to consider this decision carefully before bringing one home. As with any companion animal, family members must be prepared to give a lifetime of love and care, as some rabbits and chickens may live as long as 10 years. While they are often irresistible, these cute, cuddly animals soon grow to adulthood and need proper care to survive. As a result of well-meaning snap decisions, many Easter bunnies, chicks, and ducks end up homeless or worse. If a long-term commitment doesn’t sound right for you, we have a tasty alternative suggestion: candy bunnies and marshmallow chicks! And stuffed toys are great fun too!

Which houseplant is more deadly than a Poinsettia to your cat?

Point the first: I HATE lilies. I am violently allergic to them. Point the second: Does that cat look like Bucky or what?

Springtime brings many cats to the emergency room due to ingestion of Easter lilies. All parts of the Easter lily plant are highly toxic to cats, even the smallest amounts. If ingested, lillies can cause kidney failure and death. Find out what to watch for, and which other springtime houseplants can pose a danger to your cat: www.angell.org/lily

On to BLAME CANADA, brought to you by the good folks at the HSUS.

Boycott Matters

Yesterday, the Newfoundland government in Canada announced it would provide $3.6 million to stockpile seal skins. In other words, the government is providing artificial life support for a dying sealing industry, and seals will be slaughtered for pelts no one wants.

But we are not powerless. The United States is the leading consumer of Canadian seafood exports, so we must use our purchasing power if we want to help seals.

Through a nationwide boycott of Canadian seafood, we can send a clear message: If Canada’s fishing industry would like open access to our U.S. market, it needs to stop the commercial seal slaughter for good. Please join us today»
Wayne Pacelle
Wayne Pacelle, President & CEO

Vote with your wallet folks.  For those of you who eat seafood, check out this app that lets you eat non-Canadian seafood.

Happy Easter everyone.  May it be lily-free and full of chocolate.


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