Reporting in from Boston

This is a quick post to let people who have been calling and emailing from near and far know that we’re OK. We were driving back from Boston when the bombing happened. The Cambridge EMS, Fire, and Hazmat were screaming past in the other direction and I casually wondered if there’d been a bomb threat. Oops.

We’ve heard from one friend who ran today and he finished and cleared the area before the bombs went off.

I’m sure there will be more information and more to post about later. Stay safe, everyone.

Kelly & Geoff

For live reports from as the situation develops, go here:

This is considered an “ongoing event.”  AKA: the city is under attack as I write this.  The most recent bombing was a half hour ago.

ETA: This photo.  Wow.

The running of the 117th Boston Marathon was dedicated to the town of Newton, CT.

ETA: From the Globe.  Sometimes you don’t need words.

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