More info on the Seraphim Singers April Concerts

I wish I’d received this information before I sent out my email blast and did my prior post.  But, I didn’t .  I got it today.  So I’m posting it now so you can all see the details I didn’t have before.  Enjoy.  And please come, this will be a really good concert.


Seraphim Singers logo
The Seraphim Singers

The Seraphim Singers invites you to the final concert of our 16th season:

Persecution, Transformation, and Triumph

Music that Transcends and Redeems

A celebration of the resilience of the human spirit through the centuries, in music by Messiaen, Shostakovich, Poulenc, Penderecki, Tippett, and more.

Sunday, April 21, 3pm

Mission Church
1545 Tremont St.
Mission Hill, Boston
With Eliko Akahori (piano), Lilit Hartunian (violin), Rafael Popper-Keizer (cello), Amy Avocat (clarinet)

Tickets: $20 general admission / $15 for students and seniors available at the door)

Sunday, April 28, 3pm
First Parish (UU)
75 The Great Road, Bedford
With Lilut Hartunian (violin), Elizabeth Connors (clarinet), Bradford Conner (piano)

Suggested donation: $20 / $15 students & seniors (a portion of proceeds will benefit UUSC-UUA Haiti Relief Fund)

Music composed in times of oppression and persecution often possesses a singular resilience that inspires and gives witness to the courageous dimension of the human spirit. In this concert The Seraphim Singers presents choral and instrumental works composed under conditions of religious persecution in Renaissance England, slavery in 18th and 19th century America, the Holocaust during World War II, and totalitarianism in the Soviet era.


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