The four legged plumber

This is Mugsy the American Bulldog.

Yep, that’s right, this is Mugsy.  He is a supervisory plumber.

When the plumbers came the other day they brought along an unexpected guest.  That would be this handsome devil, Mugsy.

Mugsy was going to sit in their van and entertain himself, but seeing as I’m a big softie an animal lover and we have a fully fenced in backyard, I didn’t see any reason why he couldn’t come out to the back and play in the leaves.  And the mud.

This is what Mugsy does after you take his picture.  He investigates the camera.


Then he licks your face.  A lot.


That would be Mugsy waiting for me to throw the rope toy we were playing with.  It was a toy I bought a long time ago for the dachshunds but they never showed the slightest bit of interest in it.  Mugsy had a great time with it and made sure to kill it repeatedly.


Mugsy is also a driver.  He’s a very talented dog.  When he and the plumbing crew were getting ready to leave, he hopped right into the driver’s seat of their van and posed for me.  He was quite sure he was going to be driving to their next job.  As he’s still a puppy I’m not sure he’s old enough for a license yet.

Mugsy’s dad has promised that if he’s back in the neighborhood he’ll bring Mugsy by for a visit.  I would love that.  I’m not entirely sure Thumbelina or Scratch would.  Thumbelina was intent on schooling poor young 75lb Mugsy in the art of respecting his elders.  He was, for the record, very respectful, I’m just not sure he knew dogs came in that small a size.  Scratch, on the other hand, was quite sure he’d never seen a dog that big and was absolutely sure that something was very, very wrong.  Mugsy, for his part, was afraid of Scratch and went so far as to walk under the dining room table to get around him.

All in all, it made the saving-the-bathroom-from-exploding-again experience much more relaxing.


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