Dear Internet: You are weird

One of the most fascinating things about having a blog is seeing what it is that brings people here.  The other day a *really* strange search term popped up in our list of “why people come to”

It was just too weird.  So, in honor of the truly strange corners of the internet (and The Bloggess who had this idea first), I’ve gone back through the list and picked out some of the strangest, funniest, most terrifying and sometimes offensive search terms that brought you people to this blog.  Granted, since I’m writing about them it’ll probably bring more of you here, but that’s OK.  What is that they say about any publicity being good publicity?  Yeah, that.  I think.

Disturbing–  Between “disturbing” and “disturbing pics” almost 200 of you found us just this year.  Throw in “disturbing images” and “disturbing photos” and several other variations on the theme and the numbers climb even higher.  Really high, actually.

Cone of shame e-collar and Turtle rawr–  50 people found their way here using those terms, half for each term.  I find it hilarious that so many people were looking for “turtle rawr.”  Apparently only 11 of you were looking for “baby turtle rawr” though.

Kevin SmithGeoff’s post on Kevin Smith continues to draw people from all around the world.  Variations on “kevin smith dachshund” “shecky dachshund” “kevin smith dogs” and “shecky kevin smith” have brought hundreds of you here over the years and that post consistently rates as one of our most popular.

Gnomes– a number of you have come here in search of gnomes.  Search terms have ranged from “zombie garden gnomes” to “armed garden gnomes” to the more basic “armed gnomes” or “zombie gnomes.”  I suppose considering some of the other terms that have led people here that’s actually… charming.

Peter Dinklage– not a huge number of you but enough for it to be statistically significant have come here using the exact term, “Peter Dinklage is awesome.”  We’re really hoping that he was one of them.  Peter?  ::waves::

Wedding stuff– We’ve put a lot of our wedding stuff up for sale online as well as a link to our photos.  As a result we get a TON of people looking for shepherds hooks, table cloths, purple, silver, and other colorful table setups.  If it is wedding related and someone has Googled it, it has probably led them here even if we don’t own it or never blogged about it.

Weird stuff– OK, here are some terms that are just odd.  Some of them I can guess the post that led them here.  Others, not so much.  If you can figure out the connection, please let me know.

lionel richie meow
maternity leather
nude female teen anatomy <– yeah because that’s not creepy at all
books about comcast
monday wins
kelly needs to have sex with geoff <– WHAT?!?!?!
glass frog internal organ
iphone case for self defense
conveniently obscured nudity
geoff & kelly michael <– FAIL
unicorn farts
leather pregnancy pants
inconsiderate morning people <– I don’t know who you are but I like you
brain scan glue
brain skiing
count me as one  <– one what?
i hate north carolina
don’t look like a seal
a lock a lock my kingdom for a lock
creepy things in nh
flavored crickets
pics of you and seen nothing yet <– ?????
video farts
naked women swim ymca

And my personal totally random favorite- monotesticular sex.  Uh, yep.  Nothing, no idea there.  It was the term that inspired this post though.

There you have it folks, the random ways of the internet.  Enjoy?


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