From the lips of the Dowager Countess

Yes, it’s true, folks.  For the first time in well over a year, I have a Saturday and a Sunday off.  In a row.  I have a weekend.

Geoff and I are going to head out for a little day trip tomorrow.  We’re hoping to have a little inexpensive fun before I go on my next long stretch of about 20 days of work without a day off.  Hopefully we’ll get back tomorrow and have some photos to share for our efforts.

In other news, Ensemble St. Germain has been booked for two November dates.  I’ll be singing in both concerts.  This will be an all American concert.  Stay tuned here for details.

I will also be vending in at least one December craft show which is great news.  I am currently working on booking a second.

And last but not least, an early reminder for Riverfest 2013.

Please join us for the fun.  There will be food, fun, crafts, music, fireworks, and more.

Till then, I’ll be enjoying my weekend.


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