Prospecting in New Hampshire

Geoff and I have wanted to go panning for gold or gem hunting for a long time.  I have had the bug for a particularly long time since I’ve been reading about gems and minerals since I was a wee geek.  As yesterday we both had a rare Saturday off at the same time, Geoff planned a day in NH where we could go gold prospecting.  Yep, there’s gold in those granite hills.

We saw this when we turned off the highway onto the state road. JJ, this is for you.

We got up WAY early (for a day off, especially) and headed north.  Most of these shots are taken from the car.  I apologize for that and for all the dead bugs on the windshield.  We were having too much fun in our secret location on the river to actually take photos.

The road we were on follower the river for a good long ways. This is a reasonable shot of the river from a speeding car. Shallow + lots of rocks = good for panning.
Another shot of the same river, though whether this was on our way there or on the way back I can’t remember.

For those of you who like to drive, this was awesome driving.  Beautiful country, twisting curving roads, and lots of scenery.  Here are some shots from the road.

Why yes, that would be a sharp bend in the road. And Basil handled it all like a champ.
Also “picturesque” was the 70’s era signage everywhere. Ah, New Hampshire, never change.

For part of the trip, we were actually driving through the White Mountains.  While the leaves weren’t changing (and we didn’t have to contend with hordes of Leafers) the scenery is still pretty picturesque.  There were scattered signs that said “Moose Crossing” but we didn’t get any pictures of them.  We also saw brochures on how to deal with bears in a few visitor centers.   But the views of the mountains were just spectacular.   We even got right up to the Vermont border at one point.


Yep, that’s why they call it the Granite State. It’s everywhere.


The other thing that’s everywhere? Motorcyclists, largely without helmets.


Sorry for the view through the windshield, but this sign was a cool part of the trip. We crossed the Appalachian Trail. Naturally the first thing that sprang to my mind was Criminal Minds.


You know, I think it was worth it just for the views, but we did actually find a tiny amount of gold and some other interesting stones.  We’ll post that once we’ve had a chance to sort it.  Stay tuned!


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