Dachshund winter activities

I bet you are thinking I am going to talk about dachshunds in the snow and such.  Well, you don’t know much about our dachshunds, then.  When it’s ridiculously cold outside, like it is now, just getting the dogs out to do their business can be a trial, especially if precipitation is in progress.  So most of their winter activities consist of a) trying to stay warm, b) trying to get more food than they are normally allowed, and c) sleeping.  Frequently a) and c) are combined.

Thumbelina looks quite comfy.
Thumbelina looks quite comfy.

Usually they are burying themselves under blankets.  Sometimes several blankets.  But we can’t exactly get a picture of them under the blankets very easily, at least without disturbing them.  So on top of the covers it is, at least today.  I wanted to get a picture when Rerun, Thumbelina and Scratch were all cuddling together on the couch, but alas I missed the opportunity.  Still, Rerun and Thumbelina managed to share some space for a while.  On top of Kelly.

Rerun would rather work on his rawhide.  At least until I disturbed him.
Rerun would rather work on his rawhide. At least until I disturbed him.

It’s actually shocking that Rerun is able to do that so close to Thumbelina without freaking out, thinking she might take it.  I guess that is a sign of how much he has mellowed out.

Scratch prefers his hammock, at least for the moment.

His absolute favorite spot... at least when he isn't sleeping on us.
His absolute favorite spot… at least when he isn’t sleeping on us.

Note the George R.R. Martin maps on the bookshelf with a bunch of my medieval history books.  I just picked up a few books on castles at the library yesterday.


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