The dual basket idea worked, apparently

When we decided to put a second basket on top of the upright freezer as a cat bed, we had hoped that eventually the cats would be able to use them at the same time.  And so they have.

Yesterday, as I was finally finishing up the major kitchen cleaning and reorganization project I mentioned earlier, I put out the jar that holds cat treat and stocked it.  That got someone’s attention.

We know that sound… the sound of cat treat bags.

Once I turned around and saw them staring at me, I quickly called to Kelly in the living room and asked her to get her camera.  She did, and managed to nab a series of photos of the boys in their elevated beds.

Scratch caught mid-yawn. Bucky is still pretty comatose.

Once they saw I was only organizing and not actually feeding them, they decided to go back to napping.  But Scratch watched me for a while longer.

Yes, being a cat in the Hopkins-Michael household is a daily struggle. A struggle to stay awake.

So kitchen pictures to come soon.  I wanted to wait until I was totally done, including the little bit of painting.


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