Surviving the Apocalypse

As anyone who knows me well will tell you, I am somewhat obsessed with emergency preparedness and safety in general.  Mind you, not to the point of having a bunker and hoarding gold coins and such, but I do take that sort of thing seriously when it comes to normal Red Cross-type preparation.

Well, this past week I got to hear Annalee Newitz, one of the founders of io9, give a reading from her new book: Scatter, Adapt, and Remember:
How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction
.  And it was quite illuminating, and a lot of fun to boot.  Count on the Harvard Bookstore to always bring in cool authors.

Now, io9 is basically a website for geeks.  It’s a multi-author blog covering all things science plus lots of pop culture things that geeks are obsessing about interested in reading.  And considering how many apocalyptic movies and books I have read, her latest book is a refreshing look at how life does in fact go on, despite seemingly end-of-the-world events like mass extinctions.  I try to be an optimist/silver-lining sort of guy, so naturally I wanted to hear her take on this.

It was totally worth seeing.

Naturally, a personalized copy.
Naturally, a personalized copy.

Sadly, I was unable to attend the io9 meetup that took place beforehand, and in fact I arrived at the event slightly late.  I hate rush hour.

Anyway, the event was (thankfully) recorded by WGBH.



ETA from Kelly: Also, She write about cats.  Or, cats and geeks.  Check it out.  The truth about geeks and cats.

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