The King is Dead, Long Live the King

If you missed Game of Thrones last night then you’re probably going to be confused by the title of this post.  That or you’ve already been spoiled by the internet from some other source.  Either way sorry/not sorry.

Geoff and I have read the books, in some cases more than once, so we know the general story line despite what Benioff and Weiss might do to it to streamline for TV.  That being said, the title of this post isn’t in and of itself a spoiler, it’s  tradition.  Either way, if you don’t want to know more, don’t go past the jump.

There have been some great Joffrey is dead memes.  Some of them hit immediately.  Others took overnight to show up.  Presented below are some of our favorites.  Enjoy.

It figures the Daily Mail would do a 36 page pull out section.
Yep, got it CNN. Thanks. Maybe you can go back to Flight 370 now?
I have not yet found an instance when this graphic is inappropriate. Thanks, Allie.
Princess Bride reference FTW.
To be fair, we’ll miss seeing Jack Gleeson, he’s a fantastic actor. But the character of Joffrey? He can rot in the deepest of the 7 hells.
Ah, episode two.  How we love you.  It couldn't come too soon.
Ah, episode two. How we love you. It couldn’t come too soon.
Except for last night, George.

Till next week.


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