So… here’s what happened to the Greatjon Umber

As I had mentioned before, one of my favorite minor characters from A Song of Ice and Fire is Lord Jon “the Greatjon” Umber, who was played oh so awesomely by Clive Mantle in Season One of HBO’s Game of Thrones.  I have often wondered why the character had suddenly disappeared after appearing so memorably in Season One.   Well, after doing some research I found out.

Apparently Clive Mantle had some scheduling conflicts regarding Season Two, and for whatever reason was not asked back for Season 3.  Perhaps this is what allowed Benioff and Weiss to ignore the capture of his character that takes place in the books during the Red Wedding.  But I can’t help but wonder whether or not this means that the Umbers will be gone from the series entirely.  In Book Five they play a not insignificant role (as do the Karstarks) in the fighting in the North as winter starts to set in.

In bizarre but related “news” (news to me, anyway, as I had not heard this until now), Clive Mantle was attacked by some idiot in a hotel in Newcastle just over a year ago and had part of his ear bitten off.   At least they were able to find the piece and sew it back on.   Better than his fingers, I suppose, but still frightening and creepy.

And speaking of my favorite minor characters who are missing from the show, take a close look at who is sitting to Theon’s right during that clip of the feast: Lady Maege Mormont.

You can see her much more clearly (and hear her laugh at the Greatjon’s crack about southern gods) in this one.

I used to know the name of the extra who plays her in Season One.  I’ll find out again.




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