At Brimfield thinking of @TheBloggess

Geoff and I go to Brimfield every year.  Last year was the exception, we were too broke and working too many jobs to be able to take off the time to go.  This year, because we’ve saved our pennies and because Geoff starts a new job on Monday, (more on that later) we’re here.

Day 1 was awesome and we’ve had great fun.  We’ll blog our finds and such later as time allows.  The most important part of today was finding a flock of, well, family of Beyoncé the Giant Metal Chicken.  Victor, I apologize in advance, this company ships.  Nationwide.

T-rex caught my eye first.  He’s only about 5 feet tall so I imagine he’d pose no threat to Beyoncé.

brimfield trex

Then there was the pig.


This is a 5 foot high flying metal pig.  If you look closely he’s even got a miniature Beyoncé in his enclosure so you already know they get along.

Here’s another photo.


You’re welcome, internet.


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