About my new job

I have not talked much about my new job yet, so I guess it’s about time I did that.

I have a new job doing IT work.  It’s full-time, with benefits, working as the senior IT guy for a regional nonprofit with a main office in Watertown and a few branch offices scattered around Massachusetts and New Hampshire.   I get a dozen or so paid holidays (like the upcoming July 4th this Friday) and the office in ultra-civilized fashion is even closing a little early on Thursday.  I also can accumulate up to 3 weeks of paid vacation and up to 45 days of sick time, plus personal time as well.

And so we can finally begin to afford some things.  With the help of a timely sale of some unused items to a friend, I managed to finally get myself a new laptop, which I am currently using to enter my first blog post since my hike up Mt. Washington.

So far it has been really great.  I mean, sure, there is a lot of tough work to do and IT work is always a bit chaotic, especially when the network is undergoing some major changes.  But I think I am handling it all pretty well so far.  My coworkers have all been very friendly and kind so far.  It’s nice to work in such a welcoming environment, working for a worthy cause that actually helps people rather than concerns itself only with making money.

And you know what’s weird?  Not having to spend every waking moment looking for work.  No more updating resumes, or filling out applications, or scanning through all the different job websites anymore.  No more endless worrying if something is wrong with me, worrying if I am unemployable or destined to work hourly jobs with no benefits forever.  I am not going to take a 40 hour a week job for granted ever again.

And it’s nice to have a job where I have my own work space again, where I have bookshelves for all my computer books, where I can put up a few personal things.  Once again I have my own work e-mail, my own phone, and my own business cards.  It feels really good.

So thanks, universe, for finally giving me (and Kelly, indirectly) a little bit of a break.  We needed it.


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