Happy 4th of July everyone

Here in Boston we had some scheduling insanity due to the weather predicted for today.  Even though the big Boston Pops fireworks event was moved to Thursday the 3rd from Friday the 4th, the festivities still began early and then ended with a bit of chaos when the bad weather blew in shortly after the fireworks ended.

And wow, did the weather get ugly.

Now that I have weekends off, I have started doing some long-delayed projects around the house, like cleaning some of the dead leaves out of the yard and putting a window air conditioner in the master bedroom window.  I cleaned the leaves away from the drain in front of the bedroom’s exterior door last weekend, just in time for the large amount of rain we got last night.  There was hail in a lot of places nearby (thankfully we seem to have avoided that here in our part of Cambridge) and there were trees and large branches down all over the place.

And Hurricane Arthur hasn’t even passed us by yet.  We should get the rain from Arthur tonight and into tomorrow morning.  So today is an nice easy day for us, staying indoors, getting some laundry and such done, and cuddling with the animals.


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