The best GRRM interview I have ever read

Admittedly, I have not read every single interview he has ever given, nor have I watched all of the ones he has given on video, but this interview I read recently on io9 is my hands-down favorite.  No, it isn’t new, but I had not read it until this week.

But it’s fantastic, especially for someone who is interested in writing and wants to see how a famous writer’s mind works.  And I find it just fascinating.

You see, I like to write.  I don’t really talk about it very much because I don’t see myself ever becoming a professional writer or anything like that, but I do like to write.  I love it, in fact.  I do create things on the page, and I don’t mean just here at our blog.  I only wish I was more consistent about it, and maybe being more focused would help in that regard.  But despite the fact I don’t intend to ever become a professional writer, I do intend to be an author someday.  It’s just one of those things I have always seen myself doing.  Odds are it will probably be a history book, probably something about the American Civil War or something else related to the 19th century in the United States, something that sells maybe 1000 copies.  Or maybe some obscure science fiction novel that sells like 100 copies.  But most people don’t write to become best-sellers, at least I don’t think so.  They just write because they have a story (or stories) they want to tell.  And some people write because they want to read the stories they write.  I guess I am a little bit like that, in some ways.  Maybe it is selfish, but I guess ultimately I write for me, and I guess that is why I don’t often share it.  Is that weird?  I honestly don’t know.

Anyway, if you love A Song of Ice and Fire, and want to read GRRM talk about it at length, go read that interview on io9.  It’s worth it.


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