Looking forward to fall already

Wow, it’s already August 1st.

We have been fortunate this year.  There have been few days over 90 degrees and none of those brutal heat waves of 100 degree temperatures like we had last year.

Still, I can’t wait for fall.

Autumn is such a great season, especially here in New England.  You start that long march of holidays only a few weeks apart that starts with Halloween and goes until MLK’s birthday in January.  And the changing leaves of course.  No wonder other people come here to see them change.  And those holidays are such a great time here in New England.  Halloween is something else when there are so many old houses and old cemeteries around (admittedly just a little too crazy in Salem for my taste).  And of course the weather is just awesome, with comfortable days and cool nights.  Of course it helps the utility bill too, but it is awesome to just be able to enjoy yourself without sweating buckets anytime you step outside.

So maybe once I am able to do things in summer like go fishing or clamming (when I have accumulated vacation time and such) I will enjoy it more.  But even then, autumn will still be my favorite.


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