Lack of sleep is getting to me

I want to offer an apology to all the people I should be calling, or hanging out with, or otherwise spending time interacting with, because I have not done those things much lately.

For a few weeks now, most of what I have been concerned with is trying to get some rest.

But as you have already guessed, I am not getting a lot of rest.  I used to sleep reasonably well and always go to bed at an early hour just to make sure I get enough sleep, but still I feel like I am not getting enough sleep.

Before anyone says “wow, maybe you should see a doctor”, I will say yes, I wholeheartedly agree and in fact have seen doctors (plural) about it, including a neurologist.  I actually had a sleep study done a few weeks ago, where they hooked me up to a machine and a bunch of sensors and watched me sleep all night.  I am hoping to get the results of that test any day now so we can fix this and I can try to get back to some kind of normal life where I am able and willing to do things and be social and constructive and do all the cool things I haven’t done in ages, like visit family or go fishing or spend an afternoon hiking or take the dogs to a dachshund meetup or stuff like that.  And to make matters worse, we were supposed to make a long weekend trip to visit family last weekend but had to cancel because of a lack of money and time.

I keep calling the point of contact at the sleep lab and getting voice mail.  I have left three voice mails this week so far and have still not heard anything.  So I am guessing that they are way behind on that, or something.

So when I get home from work, more often than not I am so tired I want to take a nap, or at least go to bed even earlier than I usually do.  The last thing on my mind is going out or doing anything else besides being in bed getting some sleep.

And in case you hadn’t already guessed, this is also why my writing on here has dropped off significantly too.




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