I got to meet @Neilhimself this week

One of my favorite things about living in Cambridge (and Greater Boston generally) is that I get to meet so many authors.  I have met more authors in the last five years here in Cambridge than I have over all of the rest of my life combined.  And although I have met a great many authors whose books I liked or even loved, sometimes I get to meet someone really, really great, whose work has a lot of special meaning for me.  One of my literary heroes, as it were.

I got to meet Neil Gaiman.

And what is even better, he was gracious, funny, and kind.  He completely put me at ease.  I was so moved I actually got a little choked up.  And I was worried that I might devolve into some sort of moronic fanboy, but I didn’t.  Thank God.

Me and Neil Gaiman

He had come to town with his equally talented and interesting wife, Amanda Palmer, who had decided to start her book tour of her new book (it’s her first, actually) right here in our home town of Cambridge.  And she even acknowledged the CPD for helping with the “parade” that she and all her fans made going from the Pit in Harvard Square all the way up Mass Ave to Porter Square Books, where the book event took place.  These two are so gracious and funny and approachable, it’s almost hard to believe.  I can’t imagine that is always easy to do, with the public being so demanding and so crazy and occasionally hateful and scary.

So thank you, Neil and Amanda, for your kindness and your general awesomeness.  And now that Kelly has finished your book, Amanda, I can hardly wait to get started on it myself.



2 thoughts on “I got to meet @Neilhimself this week”

    1. I haven’t had the chance to post the videos I shot yet, but they’re on youtube. Also, I didn’t get a pic with Neil because i already have one. It was Geoff’s turn this time. I also finished Amanda’s book yesterday. I highly recommend it. Porter sq Books should have some signed copies. Give them a call if you want one.

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