So a book came out this week, you may have heard…

I may have mentioned in this space that Amanda Palmer had a book publishing this week.  Geoff and I were lucky that we were able to go to the midnight book release party of of her first literary offering, The Art of Asking.  The party was on Monday night, the books were sold/picked up at midnight, and fun was had by all.  Because Geoff’s back was Behaving Badly, we weren’t able to join everyone in the concert/parade from Harvard Square to Porter Square, but we did get to meet some very cool people while we waited at Porter Square Books and sampled the hot cider.

Oh, and as Geoff mentioned here, he also got his picture taken with Neil Gaiman.

This book release party was full of music, laughter, cheering, and so much community, it was great.  The book dropped on 11/11/14 but since we gathered on 11/10/14 to wait for midnight, we were actually all gathering on Neil Gaiman’s birthday.  There were more shouts of birthday wishes and good luck than I could count.  One thing I did manage to do was get some photos and video.

I’ve uploaded the videos to YouTube and embedded them below.  For those of you who weren’t there, I hope you get a feel for just how much fun we had.

I’ve already finished Amanda’s book and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Geoff is halfway through now and is also enjoying it.  There will more than likely be people who get it for Christmas.  If you’re interested in what the book is about before you take the dive (take the dive, just GET it already) Cory Doctorow wrote a really great review/commentary here.

And if you missed the party on Monday night/Tuesday morning, she’s still on tour.  Don’t miss it.


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