A gentle reminder that this is New England in winter

Although we are WAY under our usual quota for snow so far this season, winter has decided to let us know that it is still here, and that all those warnings from the Starks were not for nothing.

This morning when I got up, the temperature according to the little weather tool on the kitchen computer was -3 degrees Fahrenheit, and the wind chill was somewhere between -20 and -25 degrees, depending on just how hard the wind was blowing.  It would be white walker weather, except for the lack of snow.

So yeah, it’s a bit chilly today.  The temperature slowly climbed up to the teens, hitting maybe 18 degrees.  Still not good weather to be outside, especially once you throw in the wind chill.  Most of us are fortunate in that our time outside is limited to getting from home to work, or home to school, or some generally warm place to some other generally warm place.  Sadly, that is not the case if you are homeless and frequently it’s not the case if you are a pet.  So if you are out and about, please be aware of those who may be suffering but don’t have the ability to go inside and keep warm.  Pay attention to anyone you see on two legs or on four who looks like they are stuck outside.  Who knows, you may be the person that saves a life from the bitter cold.

Homeless winter resources for Boston

Homeless winter resources for Cambridge

Animal Rescue League of Boston – some good tips here.

MSPCA (includes phone number for calling in to report suffering animals)

Cambridge Animal Commission – Mark and his coworkers are good people.

If our own “kids” are any indication, it is definitely not happy outside weather for puppehs or kittehs.  It is that time of year when everyone piles on the bed at night, even Bucky.  Scratch gets more cuddly than usual.  Too cold for dachshunds to go out, at least in their own minds.  Neither Rerun or Thumbelina want anything to do with that.  They will use the indoor pads, thank you very much.

We may get a little snow tonight, probably not much, just enough to cover everything and be a bit more scenic.  That might be nice.  Although, like I have said many times before, I don’t mind shoveling some snow.  At least as long as no one takes my parking spot.


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