Still thinking of Rerun

I miss him.  I miss my little buddy, and how he used to greet me every day when I come home from work.  Thumbelina still does, of course, but it’s not the same as when the pair of them would get each other all worked up and excited over things like that.

He used to get SO excited over the strangest things.  Like sticks.  Sticks used to make him go nuts.  He could keep himself entertained with them and would drag them all over.  Here’s an old video of him from my old place in Huntsville, when I had a huge fenced-in yard.   I apologize for the low quality, but these were made with my old digital camera, which did not have great resolution.

Here we are playing fetch with a small stick.

He often got a little greedy with the sticks and would start “hoarding” them, dragging a bunch over to the same spot in the yard, where he would chew them all to pieces, one at a time.  In this next one, I was cutting up a huge branch that had come down after a storm, and he was out in the yard with me and was SO excited to have daddy in the yard with him so we could play together.

Rerun always spent time in the yard with me when I was working out there.  That’s how he found Scratch, hiding out near my woodpile, that summer day almost six years ago.  Here’s an early video of Scratch “playing” with Rerun.  Rerun seems a bit wary of this small ball of fur.

Rerun loved to “breakdance” in the yard too, whenever he found a suitable spot, which to me seemed to be picked based on stinkiness and not necessarily on suitability for scratching.

As Scratch got older, he learned to socialize with other animals, mostly after we combined households and he suddenly had two other cats and another dog to play with.  As Kelly often says, Scratch was “raised” by Rerun and so never really learned how to properly do a lot of things.  But Scratch learned to think he was a dachshund that could climb.  Rerun learned to give Bucky and Smoky a wide berth, unlike Thumbelina, who never seemed to get tired of challenging (and chasing) kitties.  And when Rerun and Thumbelina worked together – watch out!  Run, kitties, run!

Oh, and this was on our bed, of course.

I suppose at some point down the road, maybe we will think about getting another dog.  It just seems to hard to think about right now.   I still miss Rerun too much.






2 thoughts on “Still thinking of Rerun”

    1. Thank you so much. He was our little grumpy pain, but he was a good dog at heart. We received his ashes today and it’s going to be hard to sleep tonight. The support we’ve received from friends, family, and the internet has been amazing. Thanks again.

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