The Great Blizzard Freakout of 2015

You may not know this (I am assuming a lot of Amish read our blog), but we are going to get a lot of snow very soon.

Yes, clearly we are already headed for the history books on this one and it hasn’t even happened yet.  I think we have already broken records, mostly in regard to media hype.  “I’ll take apocalyptic references to the Blizzard of 1978 for $500, Alex.”  The French Toast alert system is so far into red that it’s gone way into the infrared spectrum.    Everywhere I go, it’s Blizzard Freakout mode, and the handful of people being reflective are talking about the big one of 1978.  It’s like I am attending a history conference about that massive weather event of my childhood.

So I just got home from work, after we closed early at 2 PM (thank God). My biggest worry was not being able to find a spot to park the car now that the snow emergency parking ban is on here in Cambridge.  Thankfully, I found something close, and I already had the truck somewhere close by too – right around the corner.  So now I just have to wait until Kelly gets home from her appointment.  So far it is just flurries outside.

At this point, it’s highly unlikely we’ll be going anywhere tomorrow, and probably not Wednesday either.  At work, a lot of people were saying “see you Thursday, maybe.”  We’ll see.

You know what I really want to see?   Some meteorologist who’s a big ASOIAF fan go into freak-out GoT style.  That would be awesome. Come out in front of the camera dressed up like a maester, holding a big white raven.  “The Starks tried to tell us!  They tried to warn us!  Pray to the Seven for mercy because Winter is most definitely coming and it’s GOING TO GET YOU.  The Long Night was a 5-year-old child’s birthday party compared to what is coming starting tonight!  FLEE!  FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES!”

Well, not that I am wishing for a White Walker-led apocalypse anytime soon, but still, who knows.  If it dropped rental prices and/or real estate prices just a little bit around here, and maybe scared off the Olympics, it would be worth it.



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