Insects get FiOS, but we can’t

Kelly and I saw this commercial today that, frankly, kind of annoyed us.

Little girl trips and drops her ice cream.  Then we never see her again.  For all we know, she is lying nearby, unconscious and bleeding out, but who cares?  Her ice cream is clearly what’s important here.

That and the awesomely fast internet connection that is the subject of the commercial and is, in this case, owned by…some ants (!?!). 

Now, interestingly, ants have actually been known to mess with the fiber-optic cables for FiOS.  After seeing this commercial, I am of the opinion that the ants are actually just tapping the lines for some free internet.  They are scroungers after all, it’s not like they are going to pay for internet service.

So not sure what Verizon was trying to do here, but I am quite annoyed by the fact that Verizon spends so much money advertising a service that they have no intention of ever expanding.  So in other words, we will probably never get it.  At this point we are just praying for municipal broadband.

At least Verizon spared us the image of the ants crawling all over the little girl until she is a clean skeleton.  Maybe that’s in the uncut footage.  I’m sure that’s a sign they really care.


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