Snowpocalypseageddon 2: Winter Strikes Back

Well, after we had the original Snowpocalypseageddon event two years ago, I figured since that was so epic it might be a while before we have anything like that again.  But I was wrong, apparently.  Looks like we are in for quite a doozy tomorrow night.  And to make matters worse, winds will be blowing so hard that we may actually meet the official criteria for this to be a blizzard.

Up to now this winter has not been particularly memorable, save for a few really cold days and nights.  But this storm is looking like it is going to be especially nasty. Dave Epstein, who is our favorite New England meteorologist, is calling this storm “major and potentially memorable”.  It’s going to be ugly.  And so we are preparing.

I am making the equivalent of winter iron rations: chili in the crock pot.

Otherwise, we are about as ready as we normally are for any emergency, what with me being Mr. Preparedness and all.  Hopefully we won’t lose power or anything major.  But of course we will have to prepare for awful conditions starting Monday night, which means driving and parking will become that much more fun.  Oh, joy.  This will be the first really epic weather event since I started at my new job, so it will be interesting to see how this is handled.

Updates to follow.


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