I am sounding like a broken record by this point

but we have yet another big snow storm on the way.  Another blizzard, in fact.

This winter has already breached the top 10 highest snow totals for Boston since records began, and after this next batch of snow it will probably climb a few spots.  And all of this has been in less than three weeks.  Three weeks with over six feet of snow, and virtually no melting in between.  Since moving to Cambridge in 2008, I have now experienced two of the top ten winters.


Anyway, this afternoon I went out to run an errand or two before everything once again deteriorates into a White Walker funland.  I got some needed supplies (including what Kelly and I jokingly refer to as blizzard supplies) from the store, stopped in to my barber shop to get a quick haircut, and then came home to try to dig out my parking spot somewhat before more snow arrives.  I also took the time to chip all the ice off the front steps, so at least they can be cleaned off again easily with just a shovel.  I took the time to talk to a few of my neighbors who were doing similar things, and all of us are wondering just where the hell we are going to put all this new snow once we get everything dug out tomorrow or Monday.  At least Monday is already a holiday for me, so I don’t have to worry about seeing if work will be open or closed.

One of the things I got today is puppy pads, because there is no way that Thumbelina is going to go outside anytime soon to do her business.  Not going to happen.  Lately the hallway is about as far as she gets, and then she sees what is going on outside, and feels the cold air, and she quickly beats feet back to the apartment door.  Clearly Kelly did not raise a fool.  Not little dachshund weather at all.  She probably suspects White Walkers too.

So while I am generally immune to cabin fever, with all this inside time I am starting to feel the loss of my old gaming PC and my XBox 360.  I feel the need to slay some pixellated zombies or something, and my options are extremely limited.  Lately playing some 10 or 12 year old games on our old (but still the newest desktop we have) kitchen computer is what I have to settle for instead.  I may just have to find some of the old games and install them on that computer for lack of better options.  But I am pretty sure none of them involve zombies.


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