Just like that, you’re gone

We don’t always know when a chapter in our lives ends.  Very often it happens with a small sound, a wisp of smoke, or the tiniest wrinkle.

Then there are days like today when a chapter closes with a resolute BANG!  A sound like a dictionary being dropped on the floor.  The slamming of an old solid oak door with all the force of the gale behind it – BOOM.

Someone died today.  Someone who was very broken, very difficult, and much a part of my growing up.  She was there for the last 25 years, give or take, and if she wasn’t front and center in my life, she was a constant hum in the background noise of my life.

Her arrival signaled another major change in my life – the end of my childhood.  It too ended with a resounding bang, this time a gun shot.

Other chapters opened and closed in the middle of that quarter century, some quietly, others with songs and celebration.  Today will be remembered as a strange mixture of relief and melancholy, remembering the woman who was and the girl who never got to be.

Her story is over, her book is written.  A sad story, but mostly true.  Mine is not over yet, and I am going to embrace this new chapter and the fresh, clean page.


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