4th Annual Helping Haiti Talent Show – Boston Medical Center

Many of the readers around here know that Geoff and I both have neurologists at Boston Medical Center.  You may also remember me singing in the Boston Medical Center Concert When Patients Heal You last November.  (Video is here, sorry for the sound quality)  I’ll be singing in the concert again this October.  Watch this space for more details.

Anyway, the BMC is loaded with great talent and with people who give their time and talent to not only give back to the community here in Boston but also but to raise money for others who need it, as well as to fund health care for those who would not otherwise have access to it.  I’m not performing in the concert listed below, the pianist/nurse/saint I’m performing with in October is.  Check it out.

stage lights


Haiti Show from Keith top
Want to make a difference?  Here’s how.
Haiti Show from Keith

That’s globalhealthneurology@gmail.com with questions or to volunteer.  To donate, click here.  The concert has a $20 ticket/donation at the door.

The Baskt Auditorium is in A Building at 72 East Concord St. Boston, MA 02118 on the Boston University Medical School campus.



3 thoughts on “4th Annual Helping Haiti Talent Show – Boston Medical Center”

    1. Thank you!

      I’ve never heard a duck sing. And most of the amphibians I know are silent.

      Our dog, Thumbelina, sings. It’s more of a howl, but I unfailingly giggle every time she does it so she does it whenever she wants something. Sneaky little dachshund.


  1. Dog singing is cute — noisy, but cute! As to the amphibians, we used to hear them croaking at night, as in calling to attract mates, not falling over dead. I love animals — always have — but honestly, by 11pm I felt like opening the back door and shouting, “Will you guys mate, already?”

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