Dear universe – I want New England weather back

So tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and the temperature is going to be soaring up to a record-breaking 25 to 35 degrees above normal.

No.  Just no.  In fact, hell no.

You see, if I wanted it to be 70 or 80 degrees on Christmas Eve, I would move to California or Florida or Hawaii or (shudder) back to Alabama.  This is summer weather, and it isn’t summer.  One of the reasons I want to be here in New England is because we have distinctive seasons.  And although I don’t really want this winter to be a wintry pseudo-apocalypse like last year, I do expect it to be cold, and maybe even have a little snow, because it’s Christmas, and some snow would be both appropriate and welcome.

This is New England.  This is one of the most awesome places to be in winter, because we have scenic snowscapes like nowhere else.  It’s why you see so many New England locations in Christmas cards and such.  When I think of Christmas, I think of the Christmases of my childhood, driving up my grandparents’ driveway in the snow, looking at the candles and wreaths in the windows as the snow falls all around.  THAT is Christmas.  You can’t have sleigh rides and snowmen and such without snow.  Not without looking really stupid, anyway.  There’s no Christmas song about “Let  it rain, let it rain, let it rain”.   But that’s what we have this week.  I want it to be over.  Bring on the cold and the snow, please.

So yeah, while having an occasional warm day in wintertime can be a nice break, having one day after another of springtime or summertime weather through the whole month of December (especially with rain) is just not right.  Thanks for nothing, universe.



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