Happy John Daker Day

This post might be a little stream of consciousness.  It’s Holy Week, I’m tired, and last night I was exposed to one of the best/worst internet videos of all time.

I should start out by saying that because of the network of musicians here in Boston, I had the chance to meet Thea and Eiji this week.  They’re both lovely people and I hope to work more with them in the future.  That being said, this post is entirely Thea’s fault.  That’s a good thing.

Last night as we were finishing our paperwork after our nearly 3 hour Easter Vigil gig she wished me a “Happy John Daker Day.”  Not immediately realizing that John Daker is inextricably linked with The Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ*, I wasn’t sure what the reference was.

She said it was an internet video from the Days of Yore (2007 or so) and that she’d be happy to show it to me but her phone speaker had given up the ghost for Lent, as it were.  As we were giving her a ride home, this was easily remedied in the car on the way.

Because of all the chatter with various people as we left, Happy John Daker day greetings, and hugs (that would be you, Tim, my dear) by the time we got to the car we were talking about other things, including some of the things the priest had said that sounded suspiciously like they came from A Song of Ice and Fire or Game of Thrones.  Thea, it turns out, is also a fan.

Priest: “The night is dark… ” Me: (reflexively) “and full of terrors.”

At baptism time, which involved full body immersion, this happened.

Priest: (very loudly) “Four people are going to die tonight!” ::dramatic pause::  (points to font)
Me:  “That which is dead may never die…”
Geoff:  “Apparently we are worshiping the Drowned God tonight and didn’t know it.”

So, anyway, we ended up showing Thea the Paul & Storm Write Like the Wind video on YouTube once we got in the car.

Then I remembered our conversation about John Daker.  And I looked him up.  And hilarity ensued.  If you haven’t seen this before make sure you’re sitting and not eating or drinking.  Seriously, I’m not responsibly for damage to keyboards, laptops, etc.

We then discovered that there’s a John Daker sextet.  Really.  Watch the lady in the yellow.

And then the granddaddy of them all, John Daker singing for Hitler.  You all should know the clip by now.  I don’t know who did this, but they deserve a medal.  Or at least concert tickets to something really good.  And tuneful.

What’s terrifying is that you can really go down the John Daker rabbit hole here.  John Daker auditions for American Idol, John Daker sings a duet with himself, John Daker’s friend Pearl Gross does stand up, etc.  There’s even reference to a John Daker show.

And, because YouTube knows how we think, if you look up John Daker, you also get this guy.  If you haven’t seen this before you might want to have an Easter John Daker cocktail first.

Happy John Daker Day, everyone.


*Regular readers may remember that the food traditionally associated with both the Birth and Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is that of the subcontinent.  We’ll be meeting Teri and Patricio for some later today.  Yum.

One thought on “Happy John Daker Day”

  1. Now now, making fun of the Methodists again.

    That’s my job;)

    Thank you, though; Eleanor and I are assiduously avoiding the Grand Spectacular today, and this was about all the sacred (screed?) music I needed.

    BTW: I saw Geoff reference “Basil” last week. I’m assuming he was named for one B. Fawlty? If so, you need to pay a moment of silence for him. Or drop a hanging set of antlers on your head. Or invade Poland.


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