Say what now?

This is probably what The Bloggess would categorize as Spectacular Marketing Fail.  Or maybe Exceptional PR Blunder.  Anyway, when you’re trying to sell something, or in this case, give it away for free, remember the first rule of sales: Know Thy Audience.

Ok, I guess technically that’s the second rule of sales.  The first is: Know Thy Product.  But I digress.

Once or twice a month I get emails from asking if I’d be interested in joining this or that Meetup.  Usually these emails fall into one of three groups, 1) animals 2) music or 3) arts/language/culture.  This is pretty much in exact accordance with the Stuff and Things I Like part of my profile that I filled out when I first joined lo these many years ago.

Recently my Dachshund Meetup got a new organizer so Meetup asked me to update my profile.  That’s fine.  I think I signed up 10 or 12 years ago so I could take Thumbelina to Dachshund Madness (what our meetups used to be called) to play with other dachshunds. Updating my profile now makes sense.

Can we go to playgroup?  We want to run around and we really only like to hang out with other dachshunds.
Can we go to playgroup? We want to run around and we really only like to hang out with other dachshunds.

As I quite literally updated my profile this month, I’m quite aware of what’s in it.  I’m also aware of the types of email I have been receiving until now.  That’s why the one I received last night is just SO bizarre.  Check it out.

Whaaaa?  People really do this?
Whaaaa? People really do this?

Ok, I read The Red Tent.  You know, the work of fiction by Anita Diamant.  Good book.  I have also gleefully had a total hysterectomy after 25 years of fighting for relief from a vampiric uterus that had been trying to kill me since the onset of menses.  Maybe there are some women out there who need to, I don’t know, paint with menstrual blood, drink “red tea” (I don’t even know what that is), get uterus tattoos, and sit in a tent, but I’m not one of them.

And HOW, pray tell, does this fall into the categories that I selected?  Somebody explain this to me, please.  This is not 1) animals 2) music or 3) arts/language/culture.  It sounds more like a bunch of entitled, culturally appropriating, suburban white women sitting around wasting time.  Because we need more of that in the world.

I’m going to change my settings so I can figure out how to keep this spammy thing from showing up again.  The only red tent I need is my pop up tent I use at craft fairs.


3 thoughts on “Say what now?”

    1. I know, right? Thankfully I tweaked my profile and I haven’t received any more of those emails. But, I mean, really? Also, a friend of mine who is a tea nerd said that “red” tea is actually another name for rooibos tea. They couldn’t just come out and say that? I think they need a new hobby.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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