Notes and Open Letters Regarding the Election

These are things that have been rattling around in my head since the horror began to reveal itself last night.  Some of them are fully formed letters, other are just too long to be tweets.  Read them, share them, do what you will (with credit of course).  Fair warning, I don’t have the tolerance or patience to argue with Trump supporters, anyone who opted out of voting yesterday or who voted 3rd party.  If you show up here spouting crap that in any way irritates or stresses me I’ll bring down the ban hammer so fast it won’t just be the door hitting you in the ass on the way out.

Oh, yeah, and I’m probably gonna break my own rules and swear.  It’s the apocalypse.  I think my mom will understand.

To all the people telling me to keep on fighting:

Shut. Up.  I’m sure there are some of you that sprang up this morning full of inspiration, resolve, caffeine, or controlled substances all charged up with the idea that you were going to head out and take on the bloated orange fascist goblin that gamed the system and is going to be our next president.  Good for you.  Can you please shut up about it for a little while?

Not all of us have your energy.  Some of us are older, some of us need to grieve, some of us are angry and burn our anger differently.  Some of us need to give in to inertia for a while and just eat comfort food and snuggle our pets.  And you know what?  There’s not a fucking thing wrong with that so shut it.

I appreciate that you want to save the world, I do.  But here’s the thing, some of us are out of gas right now.  I know I am.  I have been fighting for most of the last two decades to just keep my head above water.  W’s economy just about pushed me out of society.  It took all of Obama’s presidency for me, and Geoff, to get to a point of financial solvency.  We just bought a house, this is supposed to be a bright new beginning for us.

Surprise, it isn’t.  Geoff is on medical leave, he’s just had surgery, we’re back to barely squeaking by, and now I have to face an incoming pumpkin faced buffoon who has already tanked the global stock market to 9/11 levels just by being elected.  What are the chances that we’ll get out of this financially unscathed?  I’d say zero.  And we’re supposedly middle class and white.  We’re supposed to be lucky.  And safe.

I appreciate those of you who want to run right out and take on the apocalypse that is unfolding in Trump Tower as I write this.  But I can’t be one of you, not today, not tomorrow, maybe not ever.  One of the greatest tricks the GOP ever pulled was creating a class of working poor where you’re working so hard for so little that if you take your eye off the ball for a second you’re out of the game.

If I can, I will join you when I can.  Until then, please respect my complete and utter exhaustion and know that I’m fighting for my life.


Notes on The High Road

With all due respect to First Lady Michelle Obama, the air up here on the high road is getting pretty thin.  I’ve had this issue with the Democratic party for a while, particularly since the swiftboating of John Kerry.  The Rethuglican party has no bottom to which they will not stoop.  There is no tactic too underhanded, no mud too dirty, no lie too odious for them not to use it.

I for one am tired of being the virtuous party that sits around with our thumbs up our asses.  Refusing to beat them at their own game has cost us elections and progress and has cost them nothing.  We need to fight them on their turf, beat them at their own game, and speak to the voters in a language they understand.  And we need to do it while simultaneously raising education standards and accessibility in this country and guaranteeing ourselves a more informed electorate in the process.  Dumpster Fire won because he gamed the system while simultaneously usurping the base the GOP had been priming for a populist christian fundamentalist.  The backing of the FBI and Russia certainly didn’t hurt.

Politics is ugly, it isn’t a spectator sport, it’s a blood sport.  The Grabbers of Pussy get this, the Democrats never have.  Presidential elections are full contact politics.  I’m not saying when they go low, we go lower.  I’m saying that when they bite we pull hair, when they punch we kick, and when they bring a knife we bring a gun.  Stop messing around, Democrats, the world is on fire.

Where is the Militant Left?

I know we have 300 million guns in this country, or some other similarly staggering number.  I also know that Obama has very little time left to take them all.  (Insert eye roll emoji here)  What I don’t understand is where the liberal gun owners are.  I know some of them personally, but statistically speaking there have to be more than just the people I know.

Where are they?  And, more importantly, why isn’t there a Militant Left/Liberal Militia to counteract the frothing racist xenophobic sexist bigoted nutbags who carried that wig wearing day glo monstrosity into office?  If you own a gun because you believe you need to have the freedom to protect yourself from government over reach, guess what?  Welcome to the next 4 years.

LOVE fails

Yeah, love trumps hate and love is patient good and kind… blah, blah, blah.  Newsflash, love doesn’t always win.  There are parents that abuse their children, spouses that abuse each other, and candidates that run for president not out of love for country but solely to see if they can win something only 44 other people have had in the history of ever.  Love got its ass kicked this time.  Don’t trust love to do your work for you when you need an army.

On Nomenclature

Can we all agree to stop calling these assholes “White Nationalists”?  Seriously, that’s a watered down slightly polite version of what they are, White Supremacists.  Call them what they are, Fascists, latter-day Nazis, and bigots.  They hate everyone who isn’t their perfect definition of white, “christian”, and “American”.  They do not care about America or they would not have elected a megalomaniacal narcissist who is in it only for himself.  These people were looking for, and got, an excuse to hate openly and freely and without restraint.  Call them what they are.  Name them.

Can we Trust the Military to Do The Right Thing?

The word on twitter last night was that various military bigwigs were reading the constitution very carefully to see if there was any wiggle room with the whole obeying orders from the commander and chief thing.  There were already problems during the campaign when Herr Drumpf said he’d order the military to commit war crimes and break the Geneva Conventions.  Here’s what I want to know: what are the chances that when that merkin wearing basketball head inevitably wages a war to distract the populace, will the military go along, or will they stage a coup and refuse?

One More Thing

What are the chances that this election will cause intelligent alien life to pass our planet completely?  Or, alternatively, to make room for a hyperspace bypass?


2 thoughts on “Notes and Open Letters Regarding the Election”

  1. Just reading this after many weeks of grieving and not being able to sleep and finally getting to the point of being able to start strategizing with other folks about the way forward… The part of this that really struck me is the comment re high road low road etc…This was honestly one of my (many) reasons for supporting Clinton so strongly. She knows how to shiv a Republican with a smile on her face, how to out smart out organize and coopt them. She was a very effective Senator for this reason and she bested a bunch of dictators while Sec of State (there’s a reason Putin hates her). Her speech in San Diego calling out the white nationalists enabled and employed by Trump was a very ballsy move imo…Agree that Dems and liberals need to embrace our inner bad ass more…We also need to get over our love affair with factual logical academic inspired arguments and start appealing to emotion more, not discard facts and such but not see emotional arguing as icky or suspect. The GOP learned long ago that making their arguments with a healthy dose of emotion and symbols is incredibly effective. And it is. Not saying HRC didn’t do that, actually think she did. She made a very strong emotional appeal for an inclusive multi racial future based on social and Econ justice and for white America to face up to racism. Sadly too many Americans liked Trumps appeal for white nationalism and fear more…or couldn’t be bothered to care about the fascist on the ballot so they didn’t vote or voted third party (those are the folks who make me want to spit fire)…I’ve never worked harder on a campaign for president and will always be proud of the campaign she ran and being a small part of it….Thanks for the much needed cute kitty photos btw… Let’s get together soon 🙂

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