Oh #Portugal, I love you SO MUCH

As anyone who knows me well already knows, I am half Portuguese on my father’s side.  His family came from the Azores, and as it turns out we also have converted Portuguese Sephardic Jews on his mother’s side of the family.  Anyway, I have always loved Portuguese cuisine, and as I have gotten older I have come to appreciate Portuguese culture and history a lot more.  Kelly and I originally planned to visit Portugal and France (my mother’s family is French-Canadian) on our honeymoon, but circumstances and finances prevented it.  Perhaps one day we will get to go.  I hope so.

Anyway, recently the Netherlands released a tourism promotional video that poked a lot of fun at our new President.  It’s easier if you see it rather than me try to explain what they did.  But it is hilarious. See the original below.

So after the Dutch threw down the comedy gauntlet, a lot of other countries in Europe have picked it up and done their own versions.  I am admittedly a bit biased, but oh my God the one Portugal did literally had me laughing so hard I cried.  While part of the video is in Portuguese, the main part of it is in English.

And so you can see the one that inspired the trend, here is the brilliantly funny original Dutch one.

Also, if you are so inclined, here’s the other videos that have been made so far.  And fair warning, some of these are, um, a bit off color and NSFW.






Thank you, my European friends, I really needed a good laugh, and you guys had Kelly and me in stitches.  You’re awesome and we love you.


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