The Return of Gardening

For the first time in several years, I am able to do some real gardening, and so with the arrival of spring I have managed to get quite a bit planted, both in pots and in the ground.

Similarly to our old apartment, the deck seems to be the place that gets the most sun (at least in the back) so I have planted a lot of herbs (and some veggies) in planters on the deck.

Three different kinds of lettuce in here.

We are having a tree trimmer come by tomorrow so that he can take a look at our trees and give us an estimate for trimming them back a bit so we can get more sun to the back yard and deck.  In the meantime I have tried to move things around so that they can get some sunlight.

Horseradish, garlic, and an herb that I can’t remember. Thyme maybe?
This little beauty is my orange mint, which seems to be doing well. My favorite of all the mints.
A bunch of herbs grown from seed that I have moved to little pots, plus my bay laurel (hopefully will be a bush eventually).
Lemon balm, another great herb for teas.

You can see in the background of some of these photos how our back yard is pretty shaded, with lots of volunteer dandelions popping up all over.  Guess I should find a few of my medieval recipes that use those kind of flowers and try them out.  We also have some volunteer violets, which is great because that’s actually one of the things I would have planted in the shade anyway.

In a raised bed down near the patio, we have some volunteer bunching onions of some sort, plus more dandelions and violets, and a herb with yellow flowers that I have tentatively identified as angelica (not sure because it is something I have never grown myself).  And it is in those raised beds that I have planted some carrots, spinach, and pumpkins.  Since the back yard doesn’t really have much grass I am going to let the pumpkin vines go crazy and spread all over, at least if they grow.

More pictures to follow as more is planted and stuff continues to grow.


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