The garden is doing pretty well so far

In my last gardening post, I had promised to put up more pictures at some point to show how things were progressing with the garden.  And so here is the progress report.  Today was a gorgeous (but hot) summer day and I was out in the yard doing some work, so I thought I would take some pictures for another blog post.

So far almost everything has not only survived, but is thriving.

Some of the herbs: thyme (just a tiny sprout so far but has grown a lot in recent weeks); orange mint (doing quite well); and Thai basil.
More herbs on the baker’s rack: garlic chives (a little hard to see); lemongrass; and rosemary.

Our deck is also starting to look like a proper recreational space.  On the left in the above photo is my smoker, which needs a new cover, I think. Note also our dachshund garden statue and our Red Sox garden gnome.

I think we have two catnip seedlings that have survived, and this is one of them. I can hardly wait to see how Violet reacts. I already know that Scratch is quite the little catnip addict.
The horseradish is MUCH bigger than it was in the last photo. And the garlic is still doing well also.
The lettuces are doing great! I have to pick it now just to make room for it to keep growing. Limestone Bibb, Black-Seeded Simpson, and some kind of Oak Leaf (can’t remember the specific variety).
Bee balm – great herb for attracting pollinators like bees and butterflies.
One of my favorite herbs, bay laurel. Note the new leaves. Keep growing, little bay bush! You’re going to come inside next winter to stay alive.
Lemon balm – a great herb for teas, and this one is growing like a weed. Good thing it’s in a big pot.
From top to bottom: sage (only sage seedling to survive so far, got cut off in the photo); cilantro (yay!); and MORE catnip.  Note the second lettuce railing box in the background.

Today I also replanted some of our flowers into bigger pots, in the hope that they will bounce back and thrive in the large spaces.  As we make more sunny spaces (going to depend on removing a lot of branches and trees in the back), I may try to plant a few more things.

Not shown in this round of photos: carrots; spinach; and pumpkins.  All of those are planted in the raised bed down in the yard and so far seem to be doing ok despite the shade.

Our little house in Winthrop is becoming more like a home all the time and we love it, as we love our little Mayberry town by the sea.

More happy summer posts to follow!


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