Not quite what I was suspecting in S7E2, but still good

So while there was a lot I liked in this episode, there was also some stuff that I didn’t like.  But first, a few things that were guessed correctly.

I love that they are indeed planning to do what Darrio mentioned and have someone – namely, the Unsullied – take Casterly Rock away from the Lannisters.  I am very much looking forward to this.  Maybe next episode?

I love that Arya did indeed reunite with her direwolf Nymeria, who is now full-grown and enormous.  Wow, is she big.  But Nymeria has her own pack now, and so she leaves with them, leaving Arya and her horse unharmed.

I love that Jon Snow is indeed heading to Dragonstone to meet Daenarys and hopefully work out some sort of arrangement and hopefully get some of that plentiful dragonglass.  I love that Ser Davos is going with him. I also love how he left Sansa in charge.  Hopefully that will not lead to Sansa doing anything stupid due to Littlefinger’s influence.

Yeah, while a few things that I was expecting did come along, there were a few things that I did not expect.

For example, I really loved that there was finally a love scene between Missandei and Grey Worm.  Those two are just so adorable as a couple.  I hope they survive the series and stay together.

I expected Melisandre to meet Dany at some point, and sure enough, she does.  I like the interesting interpretation of the Azor Ahai prophecies by Missandei.  It will be interesting to see which way that goes.

I also REALLY loved that Arya was briefly reunited with Hot Pie at the famous Inn at the Crossroads.  It is from her friend that she finally learns that Winterfell is no longer in the hands of the Boltons, but has been taken back by Jon Snow, who has been crowned the King in the North.

I loved that after that great war council meeting, Lady Olenna Tyrell tries to tell Daenarys to “be a dragon”.  So yeah, maybe they should put the fear of the Gods into Cersei and her supporters.  Dragons could do that.

I expected that the Lannisters would try to recruit Lord Randyl Tarly (Sam’s mean horrific father) to their side, and sure enough they are trying.  I hope that Lord Tarly does not join up with them but stays loyal to the Tyrells.  After all, it should be obvious to all that Cersei is a monster after she blew up the Sept of Baelor with all those people in it. But you can’t take anything for granted in Game of Thrones, so who knows.

I love that Sam tries to cure Jorah Mormont, which is actually something that Kelly predicted, if I am not mistaken.  I hope he is successful.

So yeah, some great stuff in this episode.

But, there were a few things I didn’t like.

First off, I am really beginning to get irritated by Littlefinger’s machinations.  I wish Jon had gone ahead and killed him, or that Arya would hurry up and kill him.  The man needs to die.  I just don’t see him sitting on the Iron Throne because no one trusts him, and he still hasn’t figured that out.  Rulers need support, and neither Cersei nor Littlefinger have a lot of support.

Second, I am somewhat disappointed by the almost pointless reunion of Arya and Nymeria.  I hope that Nymeria makes an appearance again later in the show, because wow, what a letdown that was.

Third, Captain Jack Sparrow Euron Greyjoy is also becoming quite irritating, because his weirdo self seems to want to be some sort of pirate king version of Ramsay Bolton, but he just comes across as a more violent, crazier pseudo-nautical James Hetfield.  And that is grating. What’s he going to do next, launch a massive pirate raid on some music file-sharing company and bring their servers back to Cersei as trophies? Methinks he needs to die as well. Sooner rather than later.

Fourth, the Greyjoy raid was unexpected, but it does make a bit of sense. And I would rather have the Greyjoys get annihilated than say Grey Worm or Missandei.  I can’t believe they let themselves get surprised.  They did know their uncle was out there somewhere, looking for them and wanting them dead.  But no, they had to fool around (in Yara’s case, literally) and let their guard down.  So we see two of the Sand Snakes finally kick the bucket, and the last one taken prisoner along with her mother and Yara.  And Theon?  Theon has some sort of breakdown and jumps overboard, because… why not?  No therapists in Westeros.  Man, that guy is a mess.  Second time you have let your sister down in a major way, dude.

Anyway, now they won’t be ferrying the Dornish army to King’s Landing anytime soon.  So wonder how that is going to happen.  And there’s still a HUGE Dothraki horde waiting on boats to be unleashed on Westeros. Might be time to let them run amok, Dany – so be a dragon and do it.

Next episode, Jon finally meets Dany, maybe we find out if Jorah is cured, and maybe Arya is reunited with Sansa.  Wonder what THAT will be like. No idea how Jon will convince Dany that White Walkers are real and that they are leading a gigantic army of dead people south.  He doesn’t have any sample wights yet.  Maybe he will have to go get one.


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