Bitter cold in Boston this week

When I got up this morning, the temperature was 4 degrees Fahrenheit and the wind chill was -10 degrees Fahrenheit.  We may even get some snow tomorrow night and Thursday.  I will try to get some pictures and post them if we do.  And behind that storm will come more bitter cold, what our fave meteorologist Dave Epstein is calling “the worst of the winter”.  Predicted lows for Friday and Saturday are well below zero, not even including wind chill.

ETA: The National Weather Service is now saying that Thursday could bring a “significant winter storm” with predictions from 4 to 8 inches to as much as 12 inches of heavy wet snow (with numbers possibly changing depending on how far inland the storm tracks), plus high winds, which means downed trees and power outages are much more likely.   We may even have ourselves a blizzard.  Oh my.



2 thoughts on “Bitter cold in Boston this week”

  1. It can’t be the worst of winter. February is still hanging out there like an albatross… Western Ma not faring any better. We had a 2-hr delay for the kids this morning Nd by 9 am it warmed up to -3.. Not including windchill

  2. It’s in the low 20s here today and it’s only supposed to get up to around 30. Bleh. I HATE cold weather. The only thing that’s keeping me sane is the fact that my ILs are coming in a bit to pick up m kiddo to take him shopping.

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