A very good year for swears

As most of you know, Geoff and I go out of our way to keep from swearing in this space.  This is mostly because this blog is read by our parents and both our mothers have been known to need smelling salts if they encounter too many F-bombs.  That being said, we both swear like sailors IRL and, as Geoff has said many times, he learned his particular talent for blue language in Cub Scouts and then basically got a graduate course in Foul Language in the Army.

So this post, both as it pertains to swear words, social media, writing, and the evolution of language, is very interesting.  I’m posting it here knowing that it will likely make our mothers reach for the smelling salts.  Be that as it may, the social science behind it is really interesting.  Also, the Strong Language blog is quite a read and worth checking out.  More after the jump.


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Latest goings on

Things seem to be moving along with the job search.  I had that interview on Friday and it seemed to go rather well.  Also, the university I really want to work for is checking my references and doing background checks, so I would say that looks like it is going well also.  Like I said, hopefully I will have an answer within the next few weeks.

Yesterday I was asked by a member of our church if I could help out with the Cub Scout Pack that is affiliated with our church.  I said that I would gladly help, and then we talked a bit about things that I might be able to help with.  He didn’t know that I was once an Eagle Scout, so when I told him that he was even more pleased.

Speaking of Eagle Scouts, I myself was quite pleased to see this recently, a young man who was an Eagle Scout testify against discrimination in Iowa.  It is actually quite moving, and the young man was a superb speaker.