The job fair and the college fair

Geoff here – as Kelly posted earlier we had a pretty good experience at the National Urban League conference this weekend.  The career fair (as they called it) was quite good, and I managed to make some good contacts for some local jobs.  One HR manager we spoke to actually said she was going to hand carry my resume down to the head of the department.  I would say that is a good thing.  I also got some superb advice on my resume, and I am in the process of making those adjustments.

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Ditch digging for the Lord

Yesterday Kelly and I stayed late after our church service in order to help out with some of the yard work.  I guess we needed the distraction and it was nice to do something constructive rather than something meaningless.  The toughest part (and the part we were specifically asked to do) was preparing an area where a new row of hedges will soon be planted.  The head of the property committee (I am a member) asked me to use the rotor tiller we keep at the church to help break up the dry, packed soil.  So I did, and Kelly assisted me by raking and shoveling out all of the loose soil.

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My first trip to the Harbor Islands

Geoff here – I had the chance to go to Fort Warren for some history programs and to meet with some of the staff and talk about Civil War history and living history.  It was just me this time, but I hope to bring Kelly with me sometime because I think she would love it.

24_Sally port from parade ground
The fort's main door from the inside

Especially since this year is the 150th anniversary of the outbreak and the first year of the Civil War, I have been trying to get back into the world of Civil War history.  The people I spoke with at Fort Warren were really great, and several of them were highly encouraging.  They seemed to be interested in possibly having me come out there sometime to do some talks.  How awesome would that be?

It was particularly meaningful for me to be at Fort Warren this month.  It was on June 13, 1861 that the 11th Massachusetts Infantry, the “Boston Volunteers”, were sworn into the Federal service there at Fort Warren.  For those Beaulieus that may be reading this, this was the unit that Moses Beaulieu joined.  So it was somewhat personal for me.  For those of you who have never seen it, here is their recruiting poster that I found.

Recruiting poster for the 11th Massachusetts

I took a lot of pictures, but I don’t want to put too many here.  If you would like to see the rest of my photos (and the Harbor Islands are really beautiful if you have never seen them) from my day trip we will be putting them up in an album on Shutterfly.  Once I have the link I will post it here.