Go buy something

We may or may not have mentioned that recently Niki treated us to a day at the Renaissance Faire. This was our birthday gift and also something we planned WAY in advance seeing as how Geoff and I have insane schedules and the Faire falls after the beginning of the school year and Niki is a middle school teacher.

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Meravelha this Friday August 23- 8:00pm

Meravelha to perform at IBERICA Early Music Festival in August

On August 23rd, the members of Meravelha will be presenting an all-new show “The Road Most Traveled” at the IBERICA Early Music festival to be held in Boston.

The Road Most Traveled features music from several stops along the ancient pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela and explores the both the lighter and more ponderous aspects of the religious journey, culminating in the celebration of arrival.

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Dragon skull washes up on beach in UK

Wow - how much Dragon Kibble & Bits did this thing eat when it was alive?
Wow – how much Dragon Kibble & Bits did this thing eat when it was alive?

So dragons ARE real….

Well, ok, not really, but it is a pretty cool promotion/publicity stunt for Game of Thrones.  I wish one of these would “wash up” on Plum Island or something.  I would drive up there just to get my picture with it.


P.S. Yes, this story is a couple of weeks old, but I didn’t get a chance to post anything about it until now.  So nyah.

Ding, Dong! DOMA is DEAD!

I am currently at work and Teri and I are doing the happy dance.  The Supremes have struck down DOMA.  I haven’t read the decision yet, but the fact that it is now DOA is awesome.  Will June 26th be remembered as the day that all Americans received equal treatment under Federal law no matter who they marry?  We’ll see.

I’m letting the live blogging from here scroll through in the background while that venomous little hatemonger Scalia reads the dissent.  There is something nice in knowing that history will judge him and that he’ll end up on the wrong side.  Of everything.

More later,


BEMF concerts for your calendar

Several friends are performing in BEMF concerts this year. These will be great concerts, please attend if you can.  There is a lot of variety here so there should be something for everyone.

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In case there was any doubt Peter Dinklage is awesome…

here is the definitive proof.

I had not seen this before, so if you have, sorry.  But when Dinklage won his Emmy two years ago for his role as Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones, among the people he thanked was the woman who takes care of his dog.  How classy and made of awesome is that?