Moving- the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The extended radio silence around here has been due to several factors.  The major factor has been because Geoff and I spent the better part of this summer looking for and then buying a house.  (YAY HOUSE!!!!!)  Then we had to move.

We had to move ALL the stuff and things.  And ALL the books.  OMG.

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Spring finally arrives… and so does Game of Thrones

Well, the weather has finally warmed up enough that I can reasonably wear shorts outside.  Most of the snow piles have disappeared.  This nasty winter seems to have claimed what I hope is its last casualty: my truck.

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Snowpocalypseageddon has come

So yes, we got some snow, and as David Epstein said on his weather blog, some of the recorded snowfall amounts were epic.  I am not sure what our official amount is, but I am positive we got over 20 inches easily.

Kelly and I headed out this afternoon to clear the steps and the walk and even with both of us working (even using our little snowblower) it took a little while to clear just a path through the snow, much less clear the walk, which at this point would be impossible.  There’s simply too much to move and nowhere to put it.

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