Another interview!

Major Music School where I had an in person interview called me and asked for an in person interview on 2/11/11.  It’s for a completely different position that I applied for back in November, a potentially more interesting position than the one I already interviewed for.  Keep your fingers crossed, people.  I am really looking forward to this!


When it rains snows, it pours

Geoff here – in addition to all of the literal snow we got, it seems that in the last couple of days suddenly Kelly and I are being snowed under with good news regarding our job searches.  Now suddenly I have three different possibilities, all of them paying considerably more than I used to make when I worked for Lockheed Martin.  One of them just interviewed me and wants another interview, one is VERY excited to talk to me because they need an ISSO (i.e. what I did for several years), and of course there is the university job that I really want.   And Kelly has also gotten several more tantalizing calls that were essentially interviews, including one today that went really well.   It would be great if we knew soon that at least one of us was going to be working again.


So keep your fingers crossed and hopefully we will (FINALLY) have something definitive soon!

How to tell when you need a new job

Among other ways, this little gem popped up on today.  If you work for an organization that publishes a 44-page dress code, something is seriously wrong.  I know the economic downturn has been an opportunity for employers to demand more from employees while paying less, to expect higher productivity and longer hours while offering fewer incentives.  But I’ll tell you this, if I EVER work for an employer who cares about the color underwear I wear to work?  I am quitting.  Immediately.  And so should you.



Today I had my interview with the women’s health organization.  It went pretty well.  They’re looking to hire soon, so that’s good.  Also, I got a phone call yesterday and had a surprise phone interview with one of the area colleges where I had applied and had been coaxing some connections.  The called back today as I was literally walking in the door from today’s interview and scheduled an in-person for next week.  This is FANTASTIC.  I cannot explain how excited I am.  Of the two I think I’d prefer the latter, but they’re both really great opportunities, so who knows?

Watch this space for updates…


What a week!

Geoff here – quite a bit has happened this past week, and next week also promises to be interesting.  I have a job interview Monday for an IT Security Analyst position at a prominent university here in the Boston area.  I already had a phone interview with them and it went rather well, so I am hopeful about getting this job.  We’ll see.

In other news, I am almost finished with my internship for the Cambridge Police Department, and I am wrapping up my projects that I was doing there.  Just yesterday I finally took and passed the CompTIA Network+ exam, which is fantastic in itself but it is even better now since it means that my certification will be for life, and I will not have to take that test again ever.

Also, Kelly and I were both very happy to see that DADT was repealed and that our often misguided junior Senator, Scott Brown, actually voted to repeal it.  Thank goodness for common sense finally winning the day.

I apologize for not sending out cards or gifts for the kids this year, but until we are both employed again we have had to tighten the belt a bit.  We will make up for it, believe me.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a happy new year, in case I have not posted again by then.

– Geoff

Job update

So, the last job that I interviewed for I was all excited about.  I had a 2nd interview, they seemed interested in me… and then they didn’t call.  I finally emailed them to let them know that I’d been laid off and that if I was still a candidate for the position that I was available immediately.  I got an email back 2 hours later rather tersely letting me know I was no longer a candidate for the position.

OK.  Good thing I had interviewed for another position that I am extremely interested in and that yesterday I got emailed to set up a phone interview for yet another position.  Special thanks to commenter Tewi for the suggestions on my resume, I used them.  So, two potential irons in the fire at the moment and both are great options.

Keep your appendages crossed for me, folks.


Church work

Yesterday was our annual church yard sale.  It is always a lot of work but it is also a lot of fun.  Geoff usually gets assigned to the Electronics area and this year was no different.  I always get assigned to the “Attic Treasures” or Jewelry table.  This year they were combined so I had the *target* table for all of the antique and jewelry vendors who show up early.  I spend most of my day explaining over and over again that, no, I’m not selling that sterling silver or crystal item for $4, that, yes, I’m a dealer and I know what I’m talking about, and that no, same annoying Russian man from last year, I am still not selling you that silver item for $4 when it is priced at $30.  Not. Gonna. Happen.

But, we did really well and I met some really great people.  Two of the most interesting people of the day were the two Muslim women who showed up at the end of the day in the most beautiful outfits.  One of them had this embroidery around her wrists that I just wanted to touch, it was so gorgeous.

I managed to get a huge amount of the items at my table sold and only spent $25.  Usually I end up spending a couple hundred dollars which, while good for the church, is not so good for my bottom line.  This year, I’d call it a win in that I got a lovely vase and a bunch of things during the $5 a bag sale period while not emptying my bank account.

Today was our first Sunday back with choir and, considering I am still getting over this cold and in the leg brace and the rest of the pro women in the choir were also coughing and sniffling I think it went well.  Our new organist is excellent.  After the service and coffee hour as I was leaving the head of the Altar Guild walked up to me and handed me one of the bouquets from the altar.  It was so nice of her and I was thrilled.  Nobody has ever done that for me before.  So, now I have the bouquet on the dining room table in the vase I bought yesterday.  Hopefully the cats will leave it alone…