I love cashmere

Those of you who know me know that I refer to the cold part of the year as Cashmere Season.  (The hot part of the year is Involuntary Sweating Season.  I hate that part, thank goodness it is almost over.)  I have even gotten Geoff into some cashmere sweaters.  Naturally, I never pay full price.  Paying full price is for suckers.  Regular readers around here also know that I get daily emails from Etsy.  This little gem popped up in my inbox the other day and I just didn’t know what to make of it.  Especially in AUGUST.  Who advertises this in August???

cashmere undies
Fresh from the Great White North, Cashmere Underpants.

I love me some cashmere sweaters.  Cashmere socks?  Yes, please!  Cashmere gloves and hats?  Excellent.  But cashmere underpants?  Even in Canada where winters get *really* cold I cannot imagine how this would be comfortable.Also, apparently these undies are so warm you can SLED in them.

cashmere undies and sledding
Sledding in your undies. An indoor spoort?

I haven’t checked Regretsy yet, but I’m really hoping that these ended up there.

Back to doing something productive.


3 thoughts on “I love cashmere”

  1. hahahahahahaha

    i love cashmere too, altho I like it most when mixed with some cotton and something stretchy so it’s not quite as toasty and is more durable. Also a ton cheaper!

    But cashmere undies? Good grief ugh! Not even if I was in the tundra. I would turn into a mega sweat ball wearing those!

  2. I am at a loss to understand why the picture of the girls with the sled was necessary at all. I mean, it does not clearly show the underwear in question, so its relation to selling the product is questionable at best. At worst, it is just a totally unrelated picture of two nearly naked women pretending to sled indoors. Aside from displaying some sort of bizarre lesbian sleepover role-playing ability worthy of the most awful straight-to-video horror film genre, I am totally at a loss what the purpose of including the photo is.


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