I think this is turning into a competition

Based on my post from the other day, I think this might be turning into a competition.  Our friends Jason and Shelley are Yankee fans.  Yes, we love them anyway.  (They’re originally from CT, they can’t help it.)  Jason once legendarily got thrown out of a bar, leaving behind a bar tab, after cheering at the wrong time in a Sox vs. Yanks game.  The bartender told him to get out, even when Jason offered to pay his tab, because it would cost more to fix up the bar after the fight that was about to happen than it would if Jason just left.

Anyway, there is a *very* tongue in cheek FAQ on our wedding website about Yankee Fans at the wedding.  It was written mostly for the benefit of people like Jason and Shelley.  That is, Yankee fans with a sense of humor.  It reads:              

If I’m not a Red Sox fan, can I still attend the wedding?
The bride and groom have received a special dispensation from the Episcopal Diocese of Boston and Red Sox Nation to allow non-Sox fans to attend the wedding, however this does not cover Yankee fans.  If you are so bold as to commit such blasphemies as wearing Yankee apparel anytime during the wedding celebrations, be forewarned that any damage occurring to the church, hotel or restaurant because of God smiting you with a lightning bolt will be added to your room bill.  Just saying.

As Jason and Shelley had already mailed in their wedding response, they left us the following voice mail.  Because they are hilarious people.  My intro got a bit truncated in the WAY overly complicated transfer (thanks, AT&T, no REALLY) from voicemail to MP3.  I think this wins for best wedding response so far.

And, no, I’m not checking anyone’s underwear.  Unless for some reason the Yankees themselves do show up.  Then all bets are off.


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