Warming Winter Jazz

Hi All,

My friend and fellow musician Dave Thorne Scott brings us news of 3 upcoming Jazz concerts right in and around Cambridge that are T accessible and will be super fun.  Check them out.  An email from Dave is below.


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A new Christmas tradition?

Kelly and I are big Neil Gaiman fans, in case you didn’t know already.

Now we have yet another reason to love the guy.  Last year he recorded a wonderful version of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens: a version in which he reads from Charles Dickens’ own annotated copy, as Charles Dickens, complete with clothes and beard.

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Our wedding CD is here!

Thanks to the fabulous Ken at Silken Audio, we have our wedding CD.  For those of you interested in listening to it, the tracks, all 20 of them (!) are below.  If you’d like a copy of the CD just leave us a comment and we’ll make you one.

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I think this is turning into a competition

Based on my post from the other day, I think this might be turning into a competition.  Our friends Jason and Shelley are Yankee fans.  Yes, we love them anyway.  (They’re originally from CT, they can’t help it.)  Jason once legendarily got thrown out of a bar, leaving behind a bar tab, after cheering at the wrong time in a Sox vs. Yanks game.  The bartender told him to get out, even when Jason offered to pay his tab, because it would cost more to fix up the bar after the fight that was about to happen than it would if Jason just left.

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Stanford- Beati Quorum Via

Ok, I have fought with this file and with various downloads from CNET to try and edit it and convert it to MP3 and, after much swearing and fighting and whatnot, I finally got an MP3.  This is the recording Geoff made of the anthem in today’s service at church.  It will be one of the anthems in the wedding in November.  I love this piece.  The performance is excellent.  The recording is poor.  My apologies for the recording quality.  There are a couple of points in there where something bumps the mike and it gets a little loud.