Australia Day

Apparently Australia Day was yesterday.  I was not aware of this until I received an email from Etsy entitled From The Land Down Under.  (And if that doesn’t instantly give you an 80’s ear worm, nothing will.)

One of the sub sections of the email was called Relax & Celebrate.  Inexplicably it included this picture.

What, exactly, is relaxing about this picture?

Interestingly, the photo didn’t have a caption or any obvious written link to any product.  If you click on it in the email it takes you to this Etsy shop which sells the beer holders pictured and similar type items.  They even sell a beer can holder for your bike.  Really.

Ok.  That still begs the question, why would you advertise your leather six pack holders with a photo of two people who must have the world’s WORST wedgie and who aren’t in a position to actually drink said beer?

Geoff and I both have friends who live in Australia.  Things can’t be so different there that people there sit around on ropes balancing six packs in leather holders for the fun of it, can they?


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