News of the undead

No, this isn’t Geoff posting.

To continue on our slightly macabre thread from yesterday, I’m following up with this story that popped up on the other day.  I am hoping that this one won’t generate the Google hits that yesterday’s post did.  Traffic we like, really disturbing search terms bringing people here, not so much.

Someone actually came here looking for “pseudo cannibalism.”  I know that was mentioned in the post from yesterday… but really?  People actually LOOK for that?  Wow, there are far darker corners of the internet than I ever imagined.  And, you know what?  I don’t ever need to visit them.

Ok, so, on to the undead.

Egypt funeral turns happy after dead man awakes

May 12, 2012

LUXOR, Egypt—The funeral of a 28 year-old waiter in southern Egypt turned into a celebration when he woke up after being declared dead.

Hospital officials had pronounced dead Hamdi Hafez al-Nubi, who came from the village of Naga al-Simman in the southern province of Luxor, after he suffered a heart attack while working.

His family says grieving relatives took him home and, according to Islamic tradition, washed his body and prepared him for burial Friday evening.

A doctor sent to sign the death certificate found it strange that his body was warm. At closer observation she discovered he was still alive.

His mother fainted upon hearing the good news.

With the doctor’s assistance, both al-Nubi and his mother were awakened and soon were celebrating with guests.

I guess the old coroner’s adage that the dead aren’t really dead until they’re warm didn’t apply in this case?  Or maybe that’s how much faith one should have in the Egyptian medical system?  Or maybe one should always have the body examined at the funeral, just in case?

I’m going to stop before I freak myself out.


4 thoughts on “News of the undead”

  1. Here’s my moto: Anything “strange” from the internets is always for research! Yeah that’s it – research. I do lots of research..

    1. Yes, I suppose research was responsible for your discovery of gay Mormon furries. I shudder to think of what exactly you were researching at that particular time, but I am sure it was for the greater advancement of knowledge for all humanity.


    1. I love how one of our top search terms for people finding our blog is “Kevin Smith and Schecky” or variations of that. I am always joking that Kevin should pay us for all the free publicity he gets from our blog.

      Those skulls with the walnut brains do look pretty good.

      And nice to see you! Thanks for stopping by for a “visit”!


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